Puerto Rico Slaying me rn //🌙
Puerto Rico 🌵 //🌙
I know you want a Break from Chicago 🎵 //🌙
I honestly can’t stand a local ass, simple minded ass female 😒✋
Last One.. Sonny 💦💦//🌙
#MCE Hodgy Daddies 💦💦 //🌙
#MCE Diallo 👉👌 💦💦 //🌙
Thirsty, baby bring it over here //🌙

Anonymous said: Can you post the link to your imagines please? I'm on the mobile app.

😳😳😳 They are hella old but here you go

Because Why Not? 🙌🙌
💨 //🌙
Just a little taste //🌙
Race Switch on ya 😒 #daquan #Scott
New Addition to the Family.. Ms. Shiloh 🐶//🌙
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