Lemme have ya kids, D 😍😍 //🌙
Little Pickup //🌙
Honestly. //🌙
👑👑 //🌙
Plastic$ //🌙
Only Bc I like how this photoshop filter looks on the picture..(this is hella old tho) //🌙
I took this picture when I had visted New York a few years back. That day, I found out that one person died on his birthday, 9.11.01. Happy Birthday to the man and Rest in peace to all our fallen angels in the attack. We will never forget //🌙
Meanwhile in the Bahamas //🌙
Cause all you wanted was to be the diamond in the rut //🌙
Missing Puerto Rico //🌙
Puerto Rico Slaying me rn //🌙
Puerto Rico 🌵 //🌙
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